Help for Heroes Fundraiser – Supporting UoG Pub Sports

We’ll be pleased to say that we’ll be helping UoG Pub Sports run their very first fundraiser for an indeed noble cause; The “Help for Heroes” Pub Crawl.

Our primary role is within organizing the group throughout their various adventures in Cheltenham’s Night time Economy, as well as being responsible for safe-keeping’s of charitable donations and promoting positive student welfare throughout the night.

Members from both Societies…As well as any Student enrolled in the University of Gloucestershire are warmly welcomed and greatly encouraged to attend.

Participation requires a £2 fee that goes solely to the Help for Heroes charity – among with the other proceedings gained.

Please see our Event listing for this occasion for route info, etc.

Please direct any queries to UoG Pub Sports via their respective channels for queries regarding the event itself.

Organizer:  Vice-Pres. UoG Pub Sports Zak Allsop (

UoG Pub Sports S.U Page



The Prelude to 2019/2020: How UoG F.A.S got Here – and What Next?


Aside from training, there’s nothing else that needs to be done really… Right?UoG First Aid Society Pres. Ben Eriksson
Oh how naive I was… Almost eight Months down the line and we’re finally in position to the hit ground running for the academic year of 2019/2020.

It’s been a very hectic summer, with a lot of work behind the scenes to get the Society into its current state – let alone trying to juggle six other organisations together! In the grand-scheme of things…Medical training & qualification is merely the tip of the Iceberg.

In line with operating procedures and our declared mission statement within Cheltenham’s NightSafe scheme, we employ a lot of software behind-the-scenes for auditing, refining training, transparency and asset management! I did try and no, an Excel spreadsheet isn’t sufficient.


1. A Lil’ bit About UoG F.A.S.

Originally established in the early 2010’s, UoG First Aid Society was formally an attachment of St. John Ambulance’s LINKS program – basically University Student Volunteering Units.

However, this came to an abrupt end a few Years later when there was no sufficiently-qualified committee to resume operations. Whilst this is an unfortunately common theme among Societies as a whole, for UoG F.A.S, the Society couldn’t continue as a S.J.A Unit – no matter if there was two members or fifty.

And here we are…

We’ve brushed the dust off, put in a fair bit of WD-40 over the last few months and kick-started the Society again to become its own organisation; Ready for deployment during the impending Freshers Fortnight and academic year of 2019/2020, actively promoting Student welfare within Cheltenham by working with eight other key-partner-organisations as a charted member of Cheltenham’s NightSafe Scheme.

1.1. Provisional Night-time Deployment Schedule:

  • 11PM – 04:00AM Monday or Wednesdays during term-time wherever availability permits.
  • Freshers Fortnight
  • Exceptional Occasions such as Student Union-ran events, or where there will be high amounts of pedestrian traffic (E.g. the infamous “Gold Cup” Week)

1.2. What Freshers Events can I Expect to Find You At?

You bet we’ll be at Freshers Fayre – look for the people carrying 50kg under their eyes, or who are sleeping under/over their table.

It’s going to be a pretty trialing first week for us, but you can find us at the following events (as of 07.09.2019):

DateEventApproximate Deployment Time
14thPitville - Move-In DayT.B.C
14thPitville - Quiz Night18:00 - 21:00
15-16thS.U. Welcome Party18:00 - 03/04:00
16-17thGLAM Mondays - Full Moon Party22:30 - 03:00
17-18thS.U. T-Shirt Tour18:00 - 04:00
18thS.U. Freshers Fayre10:00 - 15:00
19-20thPropaganda Thursdays - Inflatable Party22::00 - 03:00
As of07/09/2019That's just over 35 hours


2. Roadmap Over the Upcoming Term:

2.1. Dear fellow Societies, lets Work Together.

We’re pretty keen on working with other University of Gloucestershire Student Union Societies. Actually…Very keen. Get in touch with us via our Helpdesk or Contact Info on our Society Page to see how we can work together! We don’t bite, but what we do have is a very specific set of skills…

2.2. Funding & Sponsorship’s.

Currently, the Society solely relies upon membership fees and voluntary donations to fund medical consumables. We are looking for businesses to get in touch with us to discuss any amount of gratuity – not necessarily financial they can provide!

Please see our Society Page for the relevant channels to express your interest through!

2.3. First Aid Awareness Workshops w/ Guest Speakers Aimed for all Students.

We’re in contact with various training providers, as well as other fantastic individuals who have offered to give-up their free time to help provide workshops with us.

These workshops are aimed at and welcome Students of all knowledge and nature! We want to encourage every individual to have a fundamental understanding of First Aid! As you never know…

We’re looking forward to meeting UoG’s 2019/2020 Freshers! It’s going to be quite the week for everyone. Look out for each other.

Pres. Ben Eriksson


S.U. Page: UoG First Aid Society

Twitter: @UoG_FirstAidSoc